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The Sexy Fish ‘Sexy Benedict’

Made at Sexy Fish | Serves 4

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2 x English muffins
4 medium sized free range eggs
Unsalted butter for cooking

For the garnish
4 tsp fresh wasabi (available at most Asian supermarkets and online))
1 tbsp black sesame seeds
1 tbsp white sesame seeds
Mixed fresh herbs – 2 stems of tarragon, 1 stem of basil with plenty of leaves, 6 chives, 1 stem of flat leaf parsley, leaves removed and finely chopped
4 sheets of nori (Japanese edible seaweed available at most supermarkets)
A large handful of baby salad leaves

For the yuzu hollandaise
4 medium sized free range eggs, yolks only
250g unsalted butter
3 tbsp yuzu juice (available at most supermarkets)
1 heaped tsp yuzu kosho (Japanese chilli paste with strong, floral yuzu notes – available at most Asian supermarkets and online)
1 tbsp Yamasa soy (available at most Asian supermarkets and online). NB you can use another brand if you don’t have Yamasa
3 tbsp rice vinegar

To make the yuzu hollandaise, first clarify the butter: put it into a saucepan and melt gently over a low heat until it starts to froth. Skim the froth off, remove from the heat and you will be left with a yellow liquid. Strain into a bowl and keep at room temperature.

In the meantime, put the egg yolks, yuzu juice, yuzu kosho, soy and vinegar into a heat resistant bowl. Whisk well (you can use an electric whisk if you prefer, but be careful, because you will be putting this into a bain Marie over the heat). Syphon off a third of this mixture and keep to one side. Put the rest over a bain Marie ie a saucepan of simmering water, and start to whisk until the mixture begins to thicken and increase in size. Then, gradually pour in two thirds of the clarified butter (if you do it too quickly, the sauce will separate). Once you’ve done this, add the rest of the egg mixture, stirring all the while. Then, add the rest of the butter as before. Remove immediately from the heat and keep to one side. Taste and season if necessary.

For the sweet soy sauce
3 tbsp ketjap manis (also known as kecap manis and available at most supermarkets and online)
2 tsp fresh lemon juice (roughly ¼ lemon)

Put the ingredients into a bowl and whisk together, then place to one side until you’re ready to use.

For the lemon dressing
2 tbsp lemon juice (1 lemon)
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
A pinch of caster sugar
Maldon salt flakes & freshly ground black pepper

Put the lemon juice and olive oil into a bowl and mix with a pinch of the sea salt flakes, black pepper and sugar. Keep to one side until you’re ready to use.

To poach the eggs

The key to a great poached egg is to ensure that the eggs are as fresh as possible. Bring a large saucepan of water to the boil and add a little white wine vinegar. Create a whirlpool in the saucepan with a large slotted spoon. Crack the eggs into a cup separately and gently pour each into the water, one at a time. It’s probably best not to poach more than 2 eggs at a time. Coax the white into one mass whilst continuing to stir the water in a circle. Poach for 3 minutes and then remove and put onto a warmed plate, just before you’re ready to assemble the final dish.

To assemble and serve

Warm the dining plates in the oven before you start to assemble the dish to serve. Put the black and white sesame seeds into a small frying pan and dry fry them for 4 minutes, stirring from time to time, so that they are lightly toasted. Keep a close eye on them to ensure that they don’t burn. Whilst that’s happening, using a sharp knife, thinly slice the nori and keep to one side until you’re ready. Now, slice the muffins in half, heat a generous knob of butter in a large frying pan and fry the muffins on both sides until lightly browned.

To serve, put the muffins onto 4 warmed plates, and top each with a poached egg. Pour the yuzu hollandaise over each and top with lemon dressing. Sprinkle with the mixed sesame seeds, chopped herbs and nori, with a teaspoon of fresh wasabi on the side. Add a few baby salad leaves round the outside of each Benedict, and dot the sweet soy sauce on the leaves and plate to taste (don’t douse the salad with the sauce – it will be too rich!).

At Sexy Fish, our Benedicts can be ordered either with sashimi grade tuna & avocado or poached lobster, something to try if you’re feeling adventurous!

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