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34’s Cru Virunga Valentine’s Chocolate Crackle Bombe with Turkish Delight

Made at 34 Mayfair | Serves 4

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A Cru Virunga chocolate sphere covered with red glitter dust, filled with Turkish delight flavoured ice cream, Turkish delight jelly and chocolate crackle crystals, served with candied rose petals and hot chocolate sauce.

Cru Virunga is single origin chocolate from Virunga National Park in war-torn eastern DR Congo. It is from the Original Beans company. For every 100g of chocolate purchased, a tree is planted in the country of origin, thus replenishing the rainforest.

If you cannot find it, substitute with a 70% chocolate. Popping candy and edible gold dust are widely available online and in some stores. Metal sphere moulds can be found in good kitchen shops and online. Alternatively, use small semi-circular plastic bowls.


For the ice cream
½ litre good quality vanilla ice cream
Turkish delight nuggets (available on Amazon or, if you have time, you can follow the recipe below)
50g grated Cru Virunga Chocolate

For the Turkish delight
300g caster sugar
2 tsp pectin powder (available on Amazon – Solgar do an apple pectin powder)
230g raspberry purée (see below)
20ml rose water

For the raspberry purée
300g raspberries

For the candied rose petals
1 fresh red rose
100g caster sugar
1 medium sized free range egg white

For the chocolate sauce
50g Cru Virunga chocolate
50g 55% cocoa chocolate
100ml double cream
30ml milk

For the bombe
400g Cru Virunga chocolate
2 x 8cm metal half spheres
Small packet chocolate magical dust popping candy
Edible red glitter (available on Amazon)

If making your own ice cream, after churning and before freezing, fold in the Turkish delight and grated chocolate to create a ripple effect.

If using ready-made good quality vanilla ice cream, remove from the freezer, allow to soften for half an hour, fold in the Turkish delight and grated chocolate and re-freeze.

For the Turkish delight, mix the pectin with 50g of sugar. Bring the raspberry purée to the boil in a heavy bottomed saucepan, then add sugar and pectin mix, bring to the boil again, and add the remaining 250g of sugar. Take the mixture to 112°C and pour into a greased baking tray to cool. Be very careful as the liquid will be extremely hot.

For the raspberry purée, liquidise the raspberries until smooth. Pass through a strainer. 

To make the candied rose petals, you’ll need a wire cooling rack for this. Remove the petals from the rose; dip into the egg white, shaking off the excess liquid and then dip into the caster sugar. Place the petals onto the cooling rack until they have dried out.

For the chocolate sauce, pour cream and milk into a heavy-bottomed saucepan and bring to the boil. Break the chocolate into small pieces in a heat-proof bowl and pour the hot cream and milk over it. Stir until all the chocolate has dissolved.

For the bombe, break the chocolate into small pieces into a heat-proof bowl and melt over boiling water bath (bain-marie), stirring occasionally. This should take no more than 5 minutes. Once melted, remove from the heat, and place the bowl over a larger bowl of iced water to cool but not set. Brush the insides of the half spheres with the chocolate and place in a fridge until firm. Repeat this process – you may have to re-heat the chocolate mixture in the bowl – adding a second coat. Return to the fridge. Once set, carefully remove the chocolate from the half sphere. For 4 people, you’ll need 8 of these. Keep in the fridge until ready to assemble the dish.

To serve
When ready to serve, heat a flat oven tray. Touch the dome part of a sphere on the tray for 5 seconds to melt and then stick to the plate. Place a ball of the Turkish delight ice cream into each half. Top with some pieces of Turkish delight a pinch of popping candy and drizzle with raspberry sauce and close with the other half spheres. Using the same method, quickly touch the rim of the other half on the oven tray and stick to the plated half. Arrange 3 candied rose petals around the chocolate bombe.

Brush each bombe with a pinch of edible red glitter, and place in front of your guests. Pour the hot chocolate sauce on top.

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